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Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes

Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos

From José Luis Torres Leiva, one of the true poets of independent Latin-American cinema, comes an assured and compassionate meditation on landscape and the human condition.

Dir-Scr José Luis Torres Leiva
Prod Catalina Vergara
With Amparo Noguera, Julieta Figueroa
Prod Co Globo Rojo Films
With English subtitles

Ana (Amparo Noguera) and María (Julieta Figueroa) have been a couple for two decades. They are first seen with their heads together, almost as one. Ana is a senior nurse in a hospital, María a mathematics teacher. María has terminal cancer, but has refused further treatment. The couple leave their home for a cabin in the countryside, where María’s storytelling – two tales that ‘come alive’ before the viewer – offers reflections on love, desire and the power of narrative. Rooted in two breathtaking performances of Bergmanesque intensity and imbued with a sense of mystery that is maintained to the end, this is a film of rare beauty where the emotional lives of its protagonists resonate across the broader environmental canvas of post-Pinochet Chile.

Maria Delgado

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