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A World of Conflict

Conflicts are all around us – in our families, communities and in the world. Local and international stories reveal the effect of how interconnected our lives have become.

Programmed by Aga Baranowska | Total running time 104min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Fake News Fairytale, Dir Kate Stonehill

    Fake News Fairytale

  • Image from Black Sheep, Dir Ed Perkins

    Black Sheep

  • Image from The Camel Boy, Dir Chabname Zariâb

    The Camel Boy

  • Image from Picking Up the Pieces, Dir Sebastian Feehan, Josh Bamford

    Picking Up the Pieces

  • Image from People of the Wasteland, Dir Heba Khaled

    People of the Wasteland

  • Image from Dark Chamber, Dir Ottó Bánovits

    Dark Chamber

  • Image from Salam, Dir Claire Fowler


Film 1

Fake News Fairytale

A hybrid documentary exploring the unlikely epicentre of fake news – the small city of Veles in Macedonia.

Dir Kate Stonehill. UK 2018. 15min

Film 2

Black Sheep

An 11-year-old boy struggles to navigate his way through a new and hostile environment.

Dir Ed Perkins. UK 2018. 27min

Film 3

The Camel Boy

A distant hope of seeing his mother puts a little boy, trapped in the world of camel racing, in an impossible situation.

Dir Chabname Zariâb. France-Afghanistan 2018. 15min

Film 4

Picking Up the Pieces

John and Quiandre try to come to terms with the reality of their new life following the devastation left by Hurricane Irma.

Dir Sebastian Feehan, Josh Bamford. UK 2018. 7min

Film 5

People of the Wasteland

The Syrian war seen up close through first-person GoPro footage, showing the conflict in all of its brutality and violence. Contains scenes that some viewers might find distressing.

Dir Heba Khaled. Germany-Syria 2018. 21min

Film 6

Dark Chamber

Based on a true story, an unexpected event on a motorway changes a family’s life forever.

Dir Ottó Bánovits. Sweden 2018. 6min

Film 7


Salam drives around New York City as she awaits news about her family, who live in a war-torn country.

Dir Claire Fowler. UK-USA 2017. 13min

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