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Mark Stanley plays the petrol-head who never left town, in this Bruce Springsteen-inspired tale of thwarted dreamers.

Dir-Scr Scott Graham
Prod Margaret Matheson, Ciara Barry, Rosie Crerar
With Mark Stanley, Marli Siu, Amy Manson
Sales Film Constellation
With English subtitles

Everything about Finnie (Mark Stanley), from the tattoo on his body to the records in his garage, screams that he was born to run. But life hasn’t turned out that way. Toiling in the fish factory of this grey Scottish town, with the son he fathered young about to make him a granddad, Finnie cannot face the idea that this is all there is. So, when he gives a lift to his lad’s pregnant girlfriend Kelly (Marli Siu), he is surprised to find in her a kindred spirit and to feel his lost adrenaline return. Director Scott Graham (Shell, LFF 2012) expertly evokes restless Scottish masculinity with guts and enough brusque sensitivity that each character remains sympathetic. And Mark Stanley thrills as the conflicted ex-boy-racer ready to take everything to the limit.

Kate Taylor

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