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Twenty-Two Hours

Bouchra Khalili’s meditation on revolutionary histories considers the poet Jean Genet’s secret 1970 visit to the United States at the invitation of the Black Panther Party.

Dir-Scr Bouchra Khalili
Prod Alexandre Kauffmann, Bouchra Khalili
With Quiana Pontes, Vanessa Silva, Douglas Miranda
Prod Co Bouchra Khalili

Two young African-American women investigate the French poet’s response, as sympathiser and ally, to the Panthers’ call for solidarity. A seamless mix of iPhone images, recorded video and live conversation, the film poses two fundamental questions: what does it mean to bear witness, and how might we transmit the historical voice of resistance and collective liberation into the present?

Tendai John Mutambu

+ Another Decade

Dir Morgan Quaintance. UK 2018. 13min

A montage of 1990s-era archival video and recent footage, exhuming cultural debates from history’s grave to re-animate a once-promised future, still to arrive.

+ Namibia Today

Dir Laura Horelli. Germany-Finland-Namibia 2018. 22min

This nuanced and layered work presents, with spellbinding fluency, the history of Namibia’s liberation movement journal (1980-85), published by East Germany as an act of anticolonial solidarity.

+ Promised Lands

Dir Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa. Austria-Germany-Uganda 2018. 19min

A video essay combining memory, language and land to reflect on the colonial, the utopian and the little-known history of WWII refugees in Uganda.

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Total running time 84min

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