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Tim Burton meets The Artist in this ravishing silent, black and white gothic relocation of the Grimm Brothers’ tale.

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  • Director-Screenwriter Pablo Berger
  • Producer Ibon Cormenzana, Jérôme Vidal, Pablo Berger
  • With Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Ángela Molina
  • Spain-France 2012
  • 104 mins
  • Sales Six Sales Entertainment Group

In 1920s Spain, renowned matador Antonio Villalta prepares to go into the ring while his pregnant wife, the saintly Carmen de Triana, watches in anticipation. As her husband suffers a goring, Carmen goes into childbirth, unleashing a series of tragic events that have long-lasting consequences for the family. Taking its inspiration from the Brothers’ Grimm story, Pablo Berger offers a gothic, black-and-white treatment of the myth of Snow White. A silent melodrama with a suitably malevolent villain, a chorus of enterprising dwarfs, a resourceful heroine and sumptuous production design, Blancanieves offers a sensory journey into a mythical and cinematic past. Boasting an outstanding original score by Alfonso de Vilallonga (whose previous soundtracks include Brad Anderson’s Transiberian and Isabel Coixet’s My Life Without Me), this imaginative refashioning of a classic fairytale brings something of the spirit of Tim Burton to the romantic landscape of Southern Spain.
Maria Delgado

Director statement

Blancanieves is a sensory experience
The viewer must feel rather than think, and be led by a story told only through images and music. Film as ceremony and cathartic experience.

Blancanieves is a journey through time
The film is a careful recreation of the unforgettable Twenties in Spain: the wardrobe, the hats, the cars… No detail has been overlooked.

Blancanieves is a fairy tale in images
The film captivates our inner child. The audience will feel like they’re sitting on my lap, being told a story full of fantasy, drama, horror and dark humour. Once upon a time...

Blancanieves is about emotions
A sincere glance can contain all the tension of the boldest action. As Norma Desmond said in Sunset Blvd, ‘We did not need dialogue. We had faces’.

Blancanieves is a tribute to cinema
By the end of the 1920s the language of cinema had been completely developed and great masterpieces had been created. Blancanieves is not a copy but a reinterpretation of the films of that era for today’s audience.

Blancanieves is a musical
The presence of Alfonso de Vilallonga’s extraordinary music, from the opening credits until the end of the film, intensifies the emotions and deepest feelings of the protagonists. The music is their voice.

Blancanieves is a gothic melodrama
The film is true to the dark spirit of the popular tale from the Brothers Grimm. I use melodrama as a way of pushing the limits of characters in extreme situations. Keep your handkerchiefs handy.

Blancanieves is a love story
The film is a reflection about love as a school of pain and as a demystifying filter to face the ups and downs of life. Love, then you exist.

Blancanieves is an international co-production
We have joined artistic and financial resources with other European countries to carry out this exciting adventure. A local film for the global market.

Blancanieves is the most popular fairy tale character
Upon pronouncing BLAN-CA-NIE-VES everyone envisages a beautiful girl, a wicked stepmother and seven captivating dwarfs. Our version has all that and much more. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen...
Pablo Berger

Director biography

Born in Bilbao in 1963. His alien-invasion short Mamá made such an impact that he received a scholarship from the Basque government to attend New York University, where he earned an MFA in film. While at NYU he directed the film Truth and Beauty, which was nominated for the College Emmys. Pablo has subsequently taught film courses at Cambridge, Princeton, Yale, La Sorbonne and La Fémis and served as a lecturer at New York Film Academy. His feature debut, Torremolinos 73, an hilarious sex-comedy-cum-satire, won several awards, was distributed worldwide, and was even re-made in 2007 in China.


1988 Mamá [s]
1995 Truth and Beauty [s]; Trevor [s]
2003 Torremolinos 73
2012 Blancanieves

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