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Princess Cyd

Stephen Cone’s emotionally rich character study embodies the languor and hope of that special point in summer when everything feels possible.


Dir-Scr Stephen Cone
Prod Grace Hahn, Madison Ginsberg, Stephen Cone
With Rebecca Spence, Jessie Pinnick, Malic White
Prod Co Sunroom Pictures

The titular character of this minutely observed summertime slow-burner is 16-year-old Cyd, the only survivor of a childhood tragedy. Cyd is sent to stay with her estranged aunt Miranda, a renowned author and intellectual, in Chicago for the summer. The teenager’s energetic presence soon crowds Miranda’s hitherto introspective existence. Cyd is largely preoccupied with her young body – filling her days with sunbathing, running and an amorous dalliance with Katie, a local barrista. It’s a contrast to Miranda’s mellower existence, focusing on the mind and spirit, and initially the two are at odds with each other. Stephen Cone’s emotionally rich character study is not anchored in the banal tropes of the women’s relative sexual maturities, but rather in the human capacity to continually emerge and evolve. Miranda and Cyd’s relationship sparkles with a platonic chemistry that evokes both the singularity of newly found friendship, and the languor and hope of that special point in summer where everything feels possible.

Jemma Desai

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