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Freak Like Me

Meet a fascinating cast of characters whose strange lives make for fascinating viewing in this shorts programme.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start at the box office at each venue.

Freak Like Me


  • Director Lynne Vincent McCarthy
  • Australia 2012
  • 10 mins

A strange girl, exploring alone in the woods, comes upon a troubling scene and decides to intervene.

The Curse

  • Director Fyzal Boulifa
  • UK-Morocco 2012
  • 16 mins

Fatine has ventured far from the village to meet her older lover. When she is caught by a small boy, all she wants to do is go home.


  • Director Phillip Barker
  • Canada 2012
  • 12 mins

Inside a roadside diner, a sick woman meets herself as a little girl. As her world turns upside down, the changing gravitational pull creates a chaos around her.


  • Director Billie Pleffer
  • Australia 2011
  • 10 mins

In a deserted town where there is no one and nothing, but where Bino is forced to realise that happiness is only really experienced when shared.


  • Director Alex Taylor
  • UK 2012
  • 6 mins

Chloe transforms herself into Ridley Scott’s alien, making a costume out of PVC. She meets a group of 2012 conspiracy theorists who tell her that she has connections with angels.

If Himmler Played Guitar

  • Director Andy Taylor Smith
  • UK 2012
  • 11 mins

Jon discovers his uncanny resemblance to one of history’s most nefarious characters. Apparently it’s to do with the shape of the jaw.

Long Days

  • Director Adam Keleman
  • USA 2011
  • 17 mins

Carol is an alluring woman living on the fringe, carrying out her quiet routine. Even as she lands a job interview to be a waitress, she gets a call for the other work she can’t refuse.

Hoof, Tooth & Claw

  • Director Adam Gutch, Chu-Li Shewring
  • UK 2011
  • 17 mins

A portrait of 86-year-old farmer Betty French, her land and the various animals in her care: horses, cattle and a gnarled and greying pack of sheep.

Flight of the Pompadour

  • Director Karan Kandhari
  • UK 2012
  • 8 mins

A young wannabe rockabilly is trying desperately to perfect his pompadour hairstyle.

Total running time 107 mins

Philip Ilson

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