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Miriam Lies

Miriam Miente

A quinceañera celebration is nothing but nerve-racking for teenage Miriam, in this nuanced film that tackles race and class tensions in the Dominican Republic.

Dir-Scr Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada
Prod Jordi Comellas, Paco Poch, Pablo Mustonen
With Dulce Rodríguez, Carolina Rohana, Pachy Méndez
Dominican Republic
Sales Latido Films

Preparing to celebrate her 15th birthday – a major event in Latin America – Miriam was meant to invite her online boyfriend Jean-Louis. But on discovering he is black and with everyone believing he is the son of a French diplomat, she is drawn into a web of lies. Miriam’s mixed-race character underpins an inherent racism within the Dominican Republic, where she is constantly reminded of her second-class status. Directing duo Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada have produced a captivating tale that conveys the suffocating atmosphere of a society where girls have to conform to impossible aesthetic standards in their dutiful search for a partner. A delicate film featuring compelling performances from its young cast, Miriam Lies intelligently explores both teenage insecurities and the emotional ties that bind them.

Amaya Bañuelos Marco

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