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The powerful story of Angelo Soliman, a forced Europeanised African who makes his way through Viennese society in the early 18th century without ever belonging.

Dir-Scr Markus Schleinzer
Prod Alexander Glehr, Franz Novotny
With Makita Samba, Alba Rohrwacher, Larisa Faber
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As an exotic gem with a courtly education, Angelo is able to use his otherness to be an appreciated guest and attraction for members of high society. But what is it like when you are deprived of your homeland at the age of five or six? What does it mean not to meet anyone who is like you? Inspired by the few remaining records of the life of the Viennese ‘court Moor’, Markus Schleinzer (director of controversial LFF 2011 film Michael) creates a moving tale about homeland, identity, conformity and the nature of belonging. Divided into three chapters from his life, this beautifully shot film, comprised of long takes, allows its audience to be intimate observers of the protagonist’s emotionally challenging journey. In times of growing intolerance, it is all-too-relevant.

Juliane Grieb

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