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The Pure Necessity

Die reine Notwendigkeit

The Jungle Book is re-made removing the humans to create a paradise of animal freedom.

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Dir-Scr-Prod David Claerbout
Prod Co Claerbout Studio

A hypnotic and lyrical reworking of The Jungle Book, that removes its anthropomorphism and its human characters to give the animals back their dignity. The artist redrew all the animated animals and deconstructed the narrative arc to render it eventless, thus giving the impression of watching the animals in their natural surroundings and unaware of any human presence. The effect is one of rekindling a fond memory of childhood, but with the shades of commercial and cultural exploitation removed.

Helen de Witt

Short film


Dir Ben Rivers. USA 2016. 20min

The last woman on earth is locked in a constructed hostile environment. Filmed inside Biosphere 2 in Arizona, the film considers how constructed worlds may affect the future of humankind.

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Ben Rivers, Director

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Total running time 70min


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