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Animated Shorts for Younger Audiences

This eclectic, exciting and colourful selection of short animated films comes from all corners of the globe. Included are the first two theatrical short films from Dreamworks Animation Studios. English language and subtitles.

Programmed by Justin Johnson | Suitable for all ages

Films in this programme
  • Image from The Pig on The Hill, Dir Jamy Wheless, John Helms

    The Pig on The Hill

  • Image from Bird Karma, Dir William Salazar

    Bird Karma

  • Image from Colourbirds, Dir Oana Lacroix


  • Image from Funny Fish, Dir Krishna Chandran A Nair

    Funny Fish

  • Image from I Want to Live in the Zoo, Dir Evgenia Golubeva, Myles McLeod

    I Want to Live in the Zoo

  • Image from A Walk in The Woods, Dir Hugo Frassetto

    A Walk in The Woods

  • Image from Vivat Musketeers!, Dir Anton Dyakov

    Vivat Musketeers!

  • Image from Penguin, Dir Julia Ocker


  • Image from A Bit Lost, Dir Hélène Ducrocq

    A Bit Lost

  • Image from Bilby, Dir Liron Topaz, Pierre Perifel, JP Sans


  • Image from Ernest and Celestine – The Blizzard, Dir Jean-Christophe Roger, Julien Chheng

    Ernest and Celestine – The Blizzard

Film 1

The Pig on The Hill

Pig doesn’t warm to his new neighbour.

Dir Jamy Wheless, John Helms. USA 2017. 6min

Film 2

Bird Karma

Greed can make you do terrible things.

Dir William Salazar. USA 2017. 5min

Film 3



What does a two-coloured bird do amongst birds of just one colour?

Dir Oana Lacroix. Switzerland 2018. 6min

Film 4

Funny Fish

Is it a balloon or a fish?

Dir Krishna Chandran A Nair. France-Switzerland 2017. 6min

Film 5

I Want to Live in the Zoo

Hatschoo jity w Zooparke

Why do homework and chores when you can live in a zoo?

Dir Evgenia Golubeva, Myles McLeod. Russia 2017. 6min

Film 6

A Walk in The Woods

Daddy wolf plays a game with his cubs, which involves wearing a pig mask.

Dir Hugo Frassetto. France-Belgium 2017. 5min

Film 7

Vivat Musketeers!

Will our hero find a happy ending?

Dir Anton Dyakov. Russia 2017. 5min

Film 8


Could this be the best party ever?

Dir Julia Ocker. Germany 2017. 3min

Film 9

A Bit Lost

Owl has lost his Mum, so Squirrel helps him search in the forest.

Dir Hélène Ducrocq. France 2017. 5min

Film 10


Bilby has to look after a fluffy, baby bird.

Dir Liron Topaz, Pierre Perifel, JP Sans. USA 2018. 8min

Film 11

Ernest and Celestine – The Blizzard

They’re back – our favourite mouse and bear combo.

Dir Jean-Christophe Roger, Julien Chheng. France-Luxembourg 2016. 12min

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