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Short Film Award Programme 1

The Short Film Award recognises short form works with a unique cinematic voice and a confident handling of chosen theme and content.

The Nominated films can be found within the Festival’s main programme strands or as full collections as detailed below. Launched last year, the 2015 winners were Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel for An Old Dog’s Diary.

Total running time 85min

The Send-Off

Emboldened by a giant block party on the evening of their high school prom, a group of students enter the night with hope for the future.

Image from The Send-Off

Dir Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan
USA 2016


A gorgeous animation set in space, where the abstract and figurative merge to create a phantasmogoric meditation on the nature of love.

Image from Love

Dir Réka Bucsi
France-Hungary 2016

The Girl Who Danced With the Devil

A moça que dançou com o Diabo

A girl from a very religious family seeks her own paradise.

Image from The Girl Who Danced With the Devil

Dir João Paulo Miranda Maria
Brazil 2016

9 Days – from My Window in Aleppo

Syrian photographer Issa Touma recorded the first days of the revolt in Aleppo from his window. An exceptional angle on the war in Syria.

Image from 9 Days – from My Window in Aleppo

Dir Issa Touma, Thomas Vroege, Floor van der Meulen
Netherlands 2015

The Trembling Giant

This remediated nature documentary of America’s oldest trees, now under threat, remodels our vision by shooting through a moving 16mm take-up reel to stunning and unnerving effect.

Dir Patrick Tarrant
UK 2016

Your Mother and I

Johnna’s Dad transformed the world. Or so he says. Based on a short story by Dave Eggers and featuring Don McKellar.

Image from Your Mother and I

Dir Anna Maguire
Canada-UK 2016

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