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The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man

World-weary Ghostbuster, cynical Groundhog Day-tripper or enlightened life guru? This entertaining documentary explores various urban legends around Hollywood’s most elusive star.

Dir Tommy Avallone
Prod Max Paolucci, Derrick Kunzer, Raymond Esposito, Kevin Sisti Jr.
Scr Tommy Avallone, Max Paolucci
Prod Co Double Windsor Film

What drives Bill Murray to spontaneously tend bar in Austin, pose for wedding photos in Charleston or do the washing up at a house party in Scotland? For years, rumours of hit-and-run Murray moments have circulated in the media, albeit without any hard evidence. Until now. Director Tommy Avallone gleefully collates some of the wilder anecdotes, confirmed by testimonies from reverent recipients and occasionally accompanied by blurry photos or grainy mobile video. Choice film clips highlight Murray’s ongoing, on-screen soul searching (who remembers frat comedy Meatballs being so spiritual?), while Avallone’s own frustrated attempts to connect with the man himself only bolster his mythical status. The result is a funny, life-affirming celebration of personal interaction and exchange: Zen and the Art of Murray Maintenance.

Leigh Singer

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