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Long Live the Family!

Rodina je základ státu

A banker goes on the run from justice and discovers the values of family life in Robert Sedláček’s satirical road movie.

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  • Director-Screenwriter Robert Sedláček
  • Producer Radim Procházka
  • With Igor Chmela, Eva Vrbková, Jiŕí Vyorálek
  • Czech Republic 2011
  • 106 mins
  • Production company Produkce Radim Procházka

Libor, a former teacher, enjoys a well-paid position as a bank manager, living in a luxurious villa outside Prague. His business partners are taken into custody and the authorities have a few questions for him to answer. Rather than wait around, he decides to take off to Moravia with his wife and two children. In the process, he pretends that everything is normal, rediscovers the value of family life, meets up with a former colleague lost in provincial obscurity, and becomes the object of a manhunt. Libor is not a criminal type, merely someone who signs cheques and is drawn into a business world failing to recognise its own criminality (he doesn’t even flee the country). Director Robert Sedláček, who has already made a name for himself with the satirical Men in Rut, has produced an attractive mainstream road movie on ‘social phenomena’ by no means limited to the Czech Republic.
Peter Hames

Director statement

I was inspired by the general atmosphere of our society. Originally, it was supposed to be a comedy about a family trip, but the reality surrounding me (which I am chronically very sensitive to) eventually took over. The climate we live in started seeping in, and instead of gags and comical situations I was coming up with for the film family, I started asking questions: where do my heroes work, what do they do and for whom, how do they behave at work and at home. I tried to place them in a social context, and at that moment, my family comedy started slowly turning into drama with elements of farce. A dramatised chronicle of our present lives, if you will.
Robert Sedláček

Director biography

Born in 1973 in Zlín, Czechoslovakia, he is one of the Czech Republic’s most distinctive filmmakers and one of few who focus on the current social situation and its origins. After studying at FAMU, he worked for Czech Television and Febio; his interest in topical themes was evident from his documentary work, which he frequently devoted to intriguing and complex characters in Czech public life. His subsequent feature work (after 2006's Rules of Lies, about a drug rehab community) has leaned heavily towards satire. He is currently directing the major series Czech Century (České století) for Czech Television.

Filmography (selected)

1997 Skinheads [doc]; České porno [doc]; Moravská apokalypsa [doc]
1998 Sibiř na konci tisíciletí [doc]; Východ (The East) [doc s]
1999 František Čuba: slušovický zázrak [doc]; Tenkrát [doc]
2000 Bělorusko ve Stalinově stínu [doc]; Tenkrát 2: Šance pro Slovensko [doc]
2001 Sága Romů [doc]; Lesk a bída země české [doc]; Karel Svoboda [doc]
2002 Tenkrát 3: Husákovo ticho [doc]
2006 Pravidla lži (Rules of Lies); Cesta k moci [doc]
2007 Miloš Zeman – nekrolog politika a oslava Vysočiny [doc]; Příběhy domů: Pohled kláštera [doc]; Štíty království českého [doc]
2008 V hlavní roli Gustáv Husák [doc; co-d]
2009 Muži v říji (Men in Rut)
2010 Největší z Čechů (The Greatest Czechs)
2011 Sráči (Assholes) [TV]; Rodina je základ státu (Long Live the Family!)

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