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La Sirga

William Vega’s debut feature is an intense, elliptical drama that develops in a wildly evocative setting.

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  • Director-Screenwriter William Vega
  • Producer Oscar Ruiz Navia, Diana Bustamante
  • With Joghis Arias, Julio César Roble, David Fernando Guacas
  • Colombia-France-Mexico 2012
  • 89 mins
  • Sales MPM Film

Alicia is a vulnerable 19-year-old who has lost her family in a conflict that has destroyed her village. She tracks down the only relative she knows to be alive, her reclusive, middle-aged uncle Oscar, whose home is a remote, dilapidated lakeside inn in the High Andes. Oscar reluctantly takes in his niece on condition that she helps with renovating the hostel and making it attractive to the tourists who never visit. Her sleepwalking episodes and the unwanted attention she gets from local men make Alicia’s life all the more fraught, and the unexpected arrival of Oscar’s furtive, long-absent son Fredy only adds to the tension. William Vega’s debut feature is an intense, elliptical drama that develops in a wildly evocative setting, a daring and rewarding film that is as nuanced as it is enthralling.
Michael Hayden

Director statement

I took on writing and directing this story because of the need I had of recovering the narrative tradition to which I belong. My first mission as creative director beckons the question of which stories do I owe myself, which are able to captivate and invade me. This is how, with much pleasure, I remember the myths and legends that speak of villages, gods, semi-gods, heroes and indigenous martyrs that perform around the great lakes. These places tucked in the Andes range have for centuries been the epicentre of wisdom, which thanks to our oral tradition permit the preservation of the tales that that occurred there, and also those that have been invented. This fascination for the enchanted lakes of Latin America is the starting point for inventing my own story. Writing La Sirga originated from my being seduced by the thought of a peripheral geographic location unknown to Colombians and the world. The manifestation of wonderment from the people of that area goes way beyond the space itself. Farmers with an Indian legacy are today ideologically insistent to maintain their traditions, for a clean and transparent relationship with the land and their brothers, so that it may extend throughout time and beyond space. Families and neighbours construct admirable lives in the midst of a country suffering conflict, hunger, inequality and war. This is a community with a proposal to transform thinking and relationships, which other brothers are unaware of, brothers who hurt and bleed the earth dry.
William Vega

Director biography

A Cali-born graduate in Social Communications from the University del Valle in Colombia, who mastered in Film and TV Scripting at the TAI College of Arts and Entertainment in Madrid, he has subsequently served as a university teacher, director, screenwriter and assistant director for film, video and TV projects. In 2010, he was assistant to Oscar Ruiz Navia on the latter’s Berlin award-winner Crab Trap. La Sirga, from the production company Contravia Films in which he is a partner, is his first feature.


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