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Twin Flower

Fiore Gemello

This beguiling drama, unfolding amidst the beauty of Sardinia’s sun-dappled landscape, charts the unlikely friendship between a traumatised woman and an illegal immigrant.

Dir-Scr Laura Luchetti
Prod Giuseppe Gallo
With Anastasyia Bogach, Kalill Kone, Aniello Arena
Sales Fandango S.p.a.

In the wake of a terrible attack, teenager Anna (Anastasyia Bogach) is struck dumb and runs away from home. Basim (Kalill Kone), an immigrant from the Ivory Coast, pays his way across Sardinia with casual sex and odd jobs. Encountering each other, Basim becomes Anna’s unlikely travelling companion and protector as they flee from dangers that threaten to entrap them. Combining the tropes of the road movie and buddy-buddy drama with the added frisson of a thriller, this all-too-relevant tale, skilfully directed by Laura Luchetti, exploits the evocative landscape and unique culture of its island setting. It is also a beautifully performed drama, particularly by Bogach and Kone, who perfectly encapsulate the bonds of friendship that sees trust tentatively turn into commitment.

Adrian Wootton

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