• Director

    Harry Wootliff

  • Producers

    Tristan Goligher, Ben Jackson, Ruth Wilson, Jude Law

  • Screenwriters

    Harry Wootliff, Molly Davies

  • With

    Ruth Wilson, Tom Burke

  • UK 2021. 101min

  • UK Distribution

    Picturehouse Entertainment

  • Language


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Wilson gives a career-best performance as Kate, a disenfranchised woman on the fringes of society. Bored by the daily tedium of her job at the benefits office and deflated by the disappointments of the dating scene, she craves something more. Then one day, a cocky ex-prisoner (Tom Burke) arrives at her desk, and before she knows it the pair are having a quickie in the nearby car park. Awakened by her risky encounter, Kate finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious new man. But will he provide the escape she so desperately desires? Having detailed the heartaches and complexities of love in her acclaimed debut Only You (LFF 2018), Wootliff’s richly nuanced second feature ventures into darker territory, deftly exploring the fine line between infatuation and obsession, and the destructive power dynamics of a toxic relationship.

Michael Blyth

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