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With his striking, gently comedic debut, set amidst an endless war in his beloved country, hajooj kuka announces himself as one of Sudan’s most unique cinematic voices.

Dir-Scr hajooj kuka
Prod hajooj kuka, Steven Markovitz
With Ekram Marcus, Kamal Ramadan, Ganja Chakado
Sudan-South Africa-Qatar-Germany
Prod Co Big World Cinema

Adnan, a revolutionary soldier, revels in having shot down a MiG fighter plane with the beloved AK47 he calls Nancy. In fact, his affection for the gun is rivalled only by his love for long-suffering girlfriend Lina. When Adnan is late to return to his unit after taking some leave, his commander orders a round-up of deserters. Caught off guard in Lina’s company, Adnan makes off in a hurry, leaving his gun in her bedroom. Whilst on the run, he encounters Absi, another deserter, and together they hatch a plan to retrieve Adnan’s gun from Lina. A romantic drama with comic asides is the last thing you might expect in the midst of conflict, but kuka’s film is exactly that, prioritising rich characterisation over the theatrics of war.

Keith Shiri

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