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The Drummer and the Keeper

In this warm, witty Irish drama, a rock drummer with bipolar disorder builds an unusual friendship with a goalie who has Asperger syndrome.


Dir-Scr Nick Kelly
Prod Kate McColgan
With Dermot Murphy, Jacob McCarthy, Charlie Kelly.

Alongside the anti-depressants that are slowing indie drummer Gabriel down, his unconventional therapist prescribes a healthy dose of Sunday football. A nonchalant dude who would rather be setting fire to things or fantasising about a pop star turning up to his gigs, Gabriel doesn’t exactly throw himself into his new regimen. But an encounter with teenage goalkeeper Christopher, who’s ostracised from his own family due to his Asperger syndrome, is going to significantly change Gabriel’s life whether he likes it or not. Former musician Nick Kelly, directing his feature debut, brings an authenticity to the dynamics of indie band life, skilfully drawing out the film’s humour. A warm, witty and sensitive film about an unusual friendship, it presents mental health and developmental disabilities in a fresh and wholly relatable way.

Kate Taylor

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Nick Kelly, Director; Niamh Algar, Cast; Dermot Murphy, Cast

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