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Performing Invisibility

In the realm of unseen imagery, lies a visible amenity scheming queer porn history, indulging anonymity, unveiling colonial visions and reassembling Bruce Conner’s A Movie.

Defying conventional cinema forms, can we reimagine familial histories, raise unseen voices and reinvigorate cinema viewing? This is an open invitation for the audience to participate in questioning the interdependent relationship between image and sound. How can we experience cinema in profane ways?

Programmed by Qila Gill | Total running time 90min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Slumberparty 2018, Dir Cait McKinney, Hazel Meyer

    Slumberparty 2018

  • Image from Monelle, Dir Diego Marcon


  • Image from House of Women, Dir Michelle Williams Gamaker

    House of Women

  • Image from A Movie, Dir Bruce Conner

    A Movie

  • Image from Another Movie, Dir Morgan Fisher

    Another Movie

Film 1

Slumberparty 2018

Sensual, playful and thought-provoking, blurred pornographic images on screen, we are aroused by what we hear and do not see.

Dir Cait McKinney, Hazel Meyer. Canada 2018. 25min

Film 2


Enigmatic, visionary and evocative – the eeriness of pitch black silence – suspenseful flashing actions and unexpected presence make Monelle mysteriously frightening, yet essential.

Dir Diego Marcon. Italy 2018. 16min

Film 3

House of Women

Insightful, powerful and intellectually invigorating, a group of charismatic young Asian women audition for the recasting of Kanchi from Powell and Pressburger’s 1947 Black Narcissus.

Dir Michelle Williams Gamaker. UK 2017. 14min

Film 4

A Movie

A classic pioneering assemblage film, which inspired the found footage genre with imaginative and artful edits that feature Ottorino Respighi’s ‘Pines of Rome’ four-movement poem.

Dir Bruce Conner. USA 1958. 12min

Film 5

Another Movie

Remodelling and mobilising the literalism of Ottorino Respighi’s ‘Pines of Rome’, this film edits Bruce Conner’s A Movie in a reflective and inventive manner.

Dir Morgan Fisher. USA 2017. 22min

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