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Markus Imhoof blends the intensely personal with the socio-political to powerful effect in this documentary, a penetrating examination of how migrants are treated upon arrival in Europe.

Dir-Scr Markus Imhoof
Prod Pierre-Alain Meier, Markus Imhoof, Thomas Kufus
Sales Films Boutique

Contrasting current immigration policies with childhood memories of his family offering shelter to an Italian girl during the Second World War, Imhoof shifts between his reminiscences over old photos and letters, and dramatic footage of an Italian warship rescuing desperate refugees from the sea, only to deposit them in transit camps where they become easy prey for criminals who force them into slave labour and sex work. Are these immigrants, in search of their Eldorado, any different from European migrants of yesteryear who were driven by war and poverty to seek better lives on other continents? Is it fair that Europe continues to extract the wealth of Africa’s natural resources whilst denying entry to Europe for its people? These urgent questions are articulately presented through observation and personal testimony.

Christine Bardsley

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