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Keep it in the Family

Family life is never easy. A multitude of evils and secrets can lurk behind closed doors. These shorts draw some of those secrets out into the open in order to explore what is acceptable behaviour within the domestic space.

Programmed by Philip Ilson | Total running time 106min

Films in this programme
  • Image from How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom, Dir Shakti Bhagchandani

    How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom

  • Image from Still Water Runs Deep, Dir Abbesi Akhamie

    Still Water Runs Deep

  • Image from Circle, Dir Jayisha Patel


  • Image from Time Away, Dir Maxine Peake

    Time Away

  • Image from Third Sorrow, Dir Myriam Raja

    Third Sorrow

  • Image from Dodgy Dave, Dir Charlotte Regan

    Dodgy Dave

  • Image from Tween, Dir Raven Johnson


  • Image from Fitting, Dir Emily Avila


  • Image from Ashmina, Dir Dekel Berenson


Film 1

How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom

Weird goings on in a family front room. ‘Shimmy! Hello, shoulder! Hello, shoulder!’

Dir Shakti Bhagchandani. USA-United Arab Emirates 2018. 10min

Film 2

Still Water Runs Deep

A son goes missing. A father must preserve his pride.

Dir Abbesi Akhamie. Nigeria-USA 2017. 15min

Film 3


A portrait of a rape survivor and the horrors of emotional abuse at the hands of her grandmother.

Dir Jayisha Patel. UK 2018. 14min

Film 4

Time Away

A couple have a break at the seaside, only haunted by memories they are trying to escape.

Dir Maxine Peake. UK 2017. 13min

Film 5

Third Sorrow

Yejide is a single mother preparing for her daughter’s first cutting ceremony.

Dir Myriam Raja. UK 2018. 9min

Film 6

Dodgy Dave

A cocaine dealer takes his son to work for the day. Featuring Neil Maskell (Kill List, Utopia).

Dir Charlotte Regan. UK 2017. 8min

Film 7


Being the only girl of African-American descent at the slumber party can lead to both prejudices and jealousy.

Dir Raven Johnson. USA 2016. 8min

Film 8


Unfolding within the fitting room of a lingerie store, a proud mother is confronted with a problem she cannot solve alone.

Dir Emily Avila. Australia 2018. 14min

Film 9


13-year-old Ashmina skips school to earn money for her family by packing the parachutes of tourists who travel to the Himalayan region to paraglide.

Dir Dekel Berenson. Nepal-UK 2018. 15min

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