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Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler

Dorsky and Hiler offer images of extraordinary beauty that transform our perception of the world around us.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start at the box office at each venue.

Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler

While others bemoan the end of celluloid, Nathaniel Dorsky – whose work has become an annual highlight of the festival over the past decade – continues apace, more productive now than ever. His carefully considered practice has this year created works of great beauty from a period of sorrow. This screening of two new films will be complemented by rarely exhibited work by his companion Jerome Hiler.

August and After

  • Director Nathaniel Dorsky
  • USA 2012
  • 19 mins

‘After a lifetime, two mutual friends, George Kuchar and Carla Liss, passed away during the same period of time.’ (Nathaniel Dorsky)


  • Director Nathaniel Dorsky
  • USA 2012
  • 26 mins

‘Following a period of trauma and grief, the world around me once again declared itself in the form of one of the loveliest springs I can ever remember in San Francisco. April is intended as a companion piece for August and After, and is partly funded by a gift from Carla Liss.’ (Nathaniel Dorsky)

Words of Mercury

  • Director Jerome Hiler
  • USA 2011
  • 25 mins

Jerome Hiler, who shares Dorsky’s heightened sense of wonder at the world around him, builds sensuous layers of superimposition at the moment of shooting. A most private filmmaker, whose primary craft is the less transient medium of stained glass, he has until recently only shown his work as camera originals, thus limiting their public visibility. His inclusion in the latest Whitney Biennial prompted this first digital transfer.

Total running time c70 mins

Mark Webber

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