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Sara Blecher (Ayanda, LFF 2015) returns with a markedly different film – a groundbreaking, multi-cultural African gangster thriller.

Dir Sara Blecher
Prod Dayo Ogunyemi
Scr Neil McCarthy
With Ronak Patani, Rajesh Gopie, Wayne Van Rooyen
South Africa
Sales 234 Media

Zaid, an international aid worker, is based in East Africa. After an altercation that results in his being fired, he returns home to Mayfair, a Johannesburg suburb that was once defined as ‘Indian’ by the architects of Apartheid, but has since become a melting pot of immigrants from across the continent. His overbearing father, a complex businessman who moonlights as a money launderer and loan shark, faces death threats after a deal with a gang of ruthless Somalis collapses. Initially reluctant to involve himself in his father’s affairs, Zaid has no choice when Ameena, his first love, is kidnapped. Blecher has already shown herself to be a skilled director with actors, but here she delivers a taut, finely-tuned thriller that is guaranteed to keep you on tenterhooks.

Keith Shiri

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