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What’s My Age Again?

Growing up is hard to do and there’s no denying we all undertake an important journey during our teenage years. In fact, those growing pangs are what connects us across continents and cultures.

Programmed by Philip Ilson | Total running time 108min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Skip Day, Dir Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan

    Skip Day

  • Image from Nosebleed, Dir Luna Carmoon


  • Image from Fifteen (Quince), Dir Peiman Zekavat

    Fifteen (Quince)

  • Image from Volte, Dir Monika Koteka, Karolina Poryzala


  • Image from Boy Saint, Dir Tom Speers

    Boy Saint

  • Image from Lola, 15, Dir Jennifer Reeder

    Lola, 15

  • Image from Besida, Dir Chuko Esiri


  • Image from Girl, Dir Lowri Roberts


  • Image from Waiting, Dir Amberley Jo Aumua


  • Image from Young Adult, Dir Jake Yuzna

    Young Adult

Film 1

Skip Day

School’s almost out. For seniors in Pahokee, the Monday after prom is Skip Day.

Dir Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan. USA-UK 2018. 17min

Film 2


Lilah and Coby are best friends, but over one week the friendship becomes more toxic. Featuring Lily Newmark (Pin Cushion, Solo: A Star Wars Story).

Dir Luna Carmoon. UK 2018. 9min

Film 3

Fifteen (Quince)


A sex video goes viral while Maria is at volleyball class.

Dir Peiman Zekavat. UK-Peru 2018. 10min

Film 4



In the world of equestrian vaulters, girls must be strong, flexible and elegant. But the physical endurance can take its toll.

Dir Monika Koteka, Karolina Poryzala. Poland 2017. 14min

Film 5

Boy Saint

Two adolescent boys become aware of their budding sexuality. Based on a poem by Peter LaBerge.

Dir Tom Speers. Ireland 2018. 7min

Film 6

Lola, 15

An observational study of a young girl as she leaves the personal sanctuary of her teenage bedroom and enters the wider world of the street outside.

Dir Jennifer Reeder. USA 2017. 5min

Film 7


In a small tribal village, certain men are on the look-out to drive young girls to the big city. Besida’s older brother steps in to make sure that it doesn’t happen to her.

Dir Chuko Esiri. 2017. 11min

Film 8


A young migrant. Her period.

Dir Lowri Roberts. UK 2018. 6min

Film 9


Two boys in the Maori community of South Auckland wait for a phone call to stay connected to the wider world.

Dir Amberley Jo Aumua. New Zealand 2017. 12min

Film 10

Young Adult

A teenage girl with cerebral palsy fights to connect with the boy who might be the love of her life. Featuring Allison Cameron Gray.

Dir Jake Yuzna. USA 2017. 17min

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