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Bisbee ’17

A small US town relives a trauma from the past in a dazzling new documentary by acclaimed Kate Plays Christine director Robert Greene.

Dir-Scr Robert Greene
Prod Douglas Tirola, Susan Bedusa, Bennett Elliott
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In 1917, in the Arizona town of Bisbee, workers at a local mine went on strike. What followed remains a shocking yet little-known episode in the history of labour relations in the country: some 1200 men, mostly immigrants, were rounded up and deported to the middle of the desert where they were left to die. A century later, documentarian Robert Greene arrived in Bisbee to chronicle an attempt by the townsfolk to reconstruct what took place. Following on from Actress and Kate Plays Christine, Bisbee ’17 confirms Greene as one of the leading makers of non-fiction in the US. It is a haunting tribute to a forgotten struggle, in which the ghosts of the past engage with the concerns of those living in the present. It’s an astonishing and moving work.

Edward Lawrenson

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