• Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Sarah Pucill

  • UK 2021. 20min

  • Language


A surreal journey, shot on sumptuous colour 16mm, into a sinister realm of gender display and its consequences. Behind the red curtain of a theatrical stage, a masked woman in a nude bodysuit performs to an invisible but enthusiastic audience. By manipulating male puppets, she acts out the threat of sexual violence. The character manifests the tension between internal anxiety and external sensuality.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Kamila Kuc

  • Producers

    Kamila Kuc, Asida Butba

  • With

    Manana Bigvava, Aslan Enik, Tamriko Basaria

  • UK 2021. 69min

  • Production Company

    Dark Spring Studio

  • Languages

    Russian, Abkhazian, English With English subtitles

By recreating personal stories though testimony, poetry and archival material, the artist and performers explore deep traumas that no single place or language can contain. Abkhazia, the disputed state on the Black Sea – once an opulent Soviet holiday resort with a multi-ethnic population – became a symbolic ghost town following the 1992-93 war with Georgia. Here, fragmented memories and dreams destroyed by violence and exile are exhumed through interpretive re-enactment and haunting sound.

Helen de Witt

Total running time 89min

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