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Gordon & Paddy

It’s the ultimate mash-up, as Nordic Noir meets family animation, when Gordon and Paddy join forces to solve the case of the missing nuts.

Dir Linda Hambäck
Prod Linda Hambäck, Lina Jonsson
Scr Janne Vierth
With Stellan Skarsgård, Melinda Kinnaman, Felix Herngren
Sales New Europe Film Sales

Detective Gordon, an elderly toad nearing retirement joins forces with a fearless and intelligent young mouse named Paddy, a possible successor who studies the detective’s every move as he carries out his work. What begins as an investigation into missing nuts soon takes an unexpected turn when youngsters also go missing. The chief suspect for both crimes is a disreputable fox. Based on the books by Ulf Nilsson and with Stellan Skarsgård bringing gruff gravitas to the role of the detective, Gordon and Paddy employs good humour and much charm in its pastiche of Nordic Noir. Though clearly aware of its young audience, the film has enough flair and wit to defy age boundaries.

Justin Johnson

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Suitable for ages 6+.

Subtitled in English. An actor will read out the subtitles via headphones for younger audiences.

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