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Experimenta: Anatomy of an Artist’s Film Production with Richard Squires

Examine the creative process, focusing on Richard Squires’ new long-form work Doozy.

Focusing on Richard Squires’ creative process in making his ambitious new long-form work Doozy, which has its World Premiere at this year’s Experimenta, the Anatomy of an Artist’s Film Production will examine the production history of the film. Using a dizzying mix of original animation, interviews and new material, the film inventively mixes re-enactments, biographical detail and expert testimonials, as it follows a newly created animated antihero on the hunt through a piece of little known Hollywood history for the actor who was cast as some of the much beloved 1960s and 70s cartoon villains from the Hanna-Barbera animation studio. Chair, Experimenta Programmer Helen de Witt, will be joined by the artist, and members of the production team (producer Madeleine Molyneaux (Picture Palace Pictures), animator Elroy Simmons and sound designer Chu-Li Shewring) for an illustrated conversation that forensically examines the complex production journey of the inventive documentary portrait, Doozy.

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