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The Spanish Dancer

Lavish, dashing, comic costume romp with popular silent star, Pola Negri, as a gypsy singer caught up in royal intrigue in the Spain of 1625.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start of the film at the box office at each venue.

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  • Director-Producer Herbert Brenon
  • Screenwriter Beulah Marie Dix, June Mathis
  • With Pola Negri, Antonio Moreno, Wallace Beery
  • USA 1923
  • 105 mins

Live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne.

Planned for Rudolph Valentino, this lavish costume romp by veteran director Herbert Brenon became a gender-switch vehicle for the mysterious, exotic, flamboyant Polish import, Pola Negri, and seasoned Latin star Antonio Moreno. Chosen to open their new conservation building in Amsterdam, this restored version represents typically excellent work by the Dutch EYE Film Institute. A major commercial hit in its day, but decimated over the decades, the film had to be reconstructed from a plethora of incomplete 35mm and 16mm prints from archives and collectors to achieve its original length and look. A lively romantic comedy, beautifully photographed by James (Wong) Howe with visual references to Velasquez, it tells of the adventures of Maritana, a Spanish gypsy singer, who is in love with the penniless nobleman and bon vivant Don César de Bazan. they become involved in a chaotic court intrigue involving the Spanish king, which only Maritana can resolve.
Clyde Jeavons

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