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The Grown-Ups

Los Niños

Love and sex are movingly explored in this tender documentary about older adults with Down Syndrome in Chile, longing for more independence.

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Dir-Scr Maïte Alberdi
Prod Maïte Alberdi, Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts, Sebastián Brahm
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A tender and bittersweet portrait of Chileans Anita and Andres, who have Down’s syndrome and are very much in love. They have been attending a school for people with Down’s syndrome for most of their lives, working in the bakery there, where they have been taught to become ‘responsible’ adults. Despite demonstrating independence and maturity, they soon realise that talk of marriage raises limits they are not supposed to cross. Documentary filmmaker Maïte Alberdi (Tea Time LFF2014) sensitively builds an intimate and respectful account of the daily joys, longing and frustrations of these older adults. With a sharp eye for composition and a good dose of humour, she highlights the divide between the protective environs of the school and the outside world, raising the difficult question of responsibility regarding people with Down’s syndrome. Above all, The Grown-Ups is a moving story of love against all odds.

Laure Bonville


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