• Episodes 1 and 2

  • Series Creators

    Tony Ayres, Belinda Chayko

  • Directors

    Michael Rymer, Ana Kokkinos, Kim Mordaunt

  • Executive Producers

    Belinda Chayko, Tony Ayres, Andrea Denholm, Liz Watts

  • Producer

    Elisa Argenzio

  • Screenwriters

    Belinda Chayko, Jacquelin Perske, Mirrah Foulkes, Steven McGregor, Anya Beyersdorf

  • With

    Eliza Scanlen, Hunter Page-Lochard, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto, Taylor Ferguson

  • Australia 2021. 104min

  • UK Distribution

    NBCUniversal Global Distribution

  • Language


Volunteer firefighters Tash (Scanlen, Babyteeth) and Mott (Hunter Page-Lochard) are put in an unthinkable position on a routine call-out; a couple, played by Miranda Otto and Richard Roxburgh, are forced to flee their farm. Over six standalone episodes and featuring a terrific ensemble cast, this powerful anthology series dramatises some of the human stories behind the headlines that dominated ‘Black Summer’. These intimate dramas are portraits of resilience in the face of disaster and an urgent reminder of the real-world impact of the accelerating climate crisis. By turns terrifying and heartbreaking, this is a powerful act of commemoration.

Rowan Woods

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