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London Calling

A selection of new shorts from some of the capital’s most exciting upcoming filmmakers, supported by Film London.

Programmed by Josic Cadoret | Total running time 104min

Please note, Naptha contains scenes of flashing lights that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

Films in this programme
  • Image from Naptha, Dir Moin Hussain


  • Image from Little Miss Sumo, Dir Matt Kay

    Little Miss Sumo

  • Image from Jerk, Dir Raine Allen-Miller


  • Image from Holy Beef, Dir Dwayne Gumbs, Iain Simpson

    Holy Beef

  • Image from Fly, Dir Nadira Amrani


  • Image from HairCut, Dir Koby Adom


  • Image from Night Out, Dir Amelia Hashemi

    Night Out

  • Image from Alien Culture, Dir Iesh Thapar

    Alien Culture

Film 1


Faraz lives and works in a petrol station with his ageing father Malik, whose increasingly bizarre behaviour is causing them to drift apart.

Dir Moin Hussain. UK 2018. 15min

Contains scenes of flashing lights that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

Film 2

Little Miss Sumo

A female sumo wrestler fights against tradition and stigma to win her place in the ring.

Dir Matt Kay. UK 2018. 18min

Film 3


A Jamaican man of the community battles depression and disillusionment.

Dir Raine Allen-Miller. UK 2018. 10min

Film 4

Holy Beef

Due to a bad case of the mumps, Slicker and his crew risk defeat in an escalating college beef. Only divine intervention will help them now.

Dir Dwayne Gumbs, Iain Simpson. UK 2018. 11min

Film 5


When you are a female rapper from Bermondsey, you only have one chance to fly. Make it count.

Dir Nadira Amrani. UK 2018. 9min

Film 6


A middle-aged barber has to calm the situation when a desperate teenage drug dealer holds up the barbershop at gunpoint.

Dir Koby Adom. UK 2018. 15min

Film 7

Night Out

Being a teenager is hard. Figuring out who you want to be is harder. Sometimes a night out can change everything.

Dir Amelia Hashemi. UK 2018. 10min

Film 8

Alien Culture

Southall, 1979. Racial tensions are running high. Lucky thinks his brother is in trouble, but the truth is far from what he expected.

Dir Iesh Thapar. UK 2018. 16min

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