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A phantasmic, beautiful film that playfully awakens and engages the subconscious mind through its rhythm, poetry and imagination.

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  • Director Alain Gomis
  • Producer Eric Idriss-Kanago, Gilles Sandoz
  • Screenwriter Alain Gomis, Djolof Mbengue, Marc Wels
  • With Saul Williams, Djolof Mbengue, Anisia Uzeyman
  • France-Senegal 2012
  • 86 mins
  • Sales WIDE

Talented Senegalese director Alain Gomis offers a story of one man’s last day on Earth, in a film rightly lauded for the vivid performance of Saul Williams as Satché, newly returned from America to his hometown in Senegal. He walks slowly along a hallway of his family home surrounded by teary friends and family, and listens to the announcement of his imminent death at the end of the day. His wife Rama does not want him to touch her as she feels both anger and fear at the knowledge she is going to lose him. The journey through his last day on Earth begins. He visits all the places and sites of his past, aware that it is for the last time. Tey is an enigmatic and poetic film that playfully awakens and engages our subconscious mind.
Keith Shiri

Director statement

The film is very simple. I wanted it funny, dynamic, with moments of tension and anxiety and even violence, but it has to embody a real notion of pleasure. This is not a contemplative movie, it’s a film about feelings, and I would like people going through it with curiosity, interest, surprise, suspense, and joy... all of that. This is not a film that caters to the brain, and there is nothing solemn. For me it's a trip. I wanted a popular movie. I am not absolutely crazy, so I see the problem with the definition we have of the world right now, but I wanted to make a film accessible to all the world, even if it’s unusual. I hope it can be visible on both continents, as it’s about a subject that we meet quite widely. Is this is a European film? An African one? It doesn’t matter. I just wanted it not to be a boring movie. It must move, shake, be rhythmic, musical... without being afraid to stop if necessary, but without imposing an unnecessary length. The film was shot in Dakar, this city I love, where I come from. The end is not abstract but really concrete. I want to create suspense with simple moments, to open the time as in a magical moment. For the protagonist it's a trip to the present, which, once reached, will finally open, limitless. It is a tale, an adventure, a film about reconciliation with death, it's a dream of life... I hope the public will see it with happiness!
Alain Gomis

Director biography

Born in Paris in 1972 to a Senegalese father and a French mother, he studied history of art and then graduated in film studies. His first traineeship was on a series of reportages on the life of young immigrants in France, and he then made his directing debut with short films, including Tourbillons which received important acknowledgement at home and abroad. In 2002, he made his first feature film, L’Afrance, which received the award for the Best First Film at the Locarno Festival. It also received the Public’s Prize at the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival. Tey was premiered in the official competition at Berlin in 2012.


1996 Caramels et chocolats [s]
1998 Tout le monde peut se tromper [s]
1999 Tourbillons [s]
2001 L’Afrance
2003 Petite lumière [s]
2006 Ahmed [s]
2007 Andalucia
2012 Tey / Aujourd’hui (Today)

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