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Uruguayan director Pablo Stoll crafts a stylish, droll tale of a dysfunctional family who can’t be honest about what they want.

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  • Director Pablo Stoll Ward
  • Producer Fernando Epstein, Agustina Chiarino
  • Screenwriter Gonzalo Delgado Galiana, Pablo Stoll Ward
  • With Humberto de Vargas, Sara Bessio, Anaclara Ferreyra Palfy
  • Uruguay-Argentina-Germany-Chile 2012
  • 119 mins
  • Sales WIDE

The rebellious Ana is a step away from being expelled from school. Her mother Graciela is often at the hospital taking care of her terminally-ill aunt, so it’s not so easy to monitor the petulant and coquettish Ana’s behaviour. Ana’s father, Rodolfo, is a dentist who is divorced from Graciela and now remarried. Only his second marriage hasn’t worked out the way he’d hoped and he is trying to sneak his way back into Graciela’s life (and home). From Pablo Stoll Ward (co-director of the captivatingly comic 25 Watts and Whisky) comes a droll study of dysfunctional families negotiating desires that don’t always appear compatible. Anchored by a trio of superb performances, Stoll weaves the three interlocking tales together to create a stylish (and expertly scored) film about the foibles and contradictions of domestic life when no-one can be direct about what they want.

Maria Delgado

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