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The Ernest Lindgren Lecture: Kinemacolor with Luke McKernan

Film historian Luke McKernan discusses the innovative early colour film process, Kinemacolor.

We are conditioned to seeing the early 20th century in black and white. Seeing films from the 1910s in colour can be startling, which is why film archivists so avidly pursue any surviving scraps. As digital techniques make it easier to restore the colour from these processes, a known, yet strangely unfamiliar, world emerges; not the fantasies of a Hollywood studio but the real world in beautiful scenic views – rural Britain sits alongside more exotic locations like the Italian lakes – as well as great national spectacles like the Delhi Durbar. The Ernest Lindgren lecture is held annually to commemorate the founder of the BFI National Archive. This year we are delighted to welcome film historian Luke McKernan to discuss the innovative early colour film process, Kinemacolor.

Bryony Dixon

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The lecture will be lavishly illustrated with over 30 minutes of extracts and films from restored Kinemacolor films from around the world, including:

The Harvest (1908)
A Run with the Exmoor Staghounds (1911)
Nubia, Wadi Halfa and the Second Cataract (1911)
Trooping of the Colour (1911)
With Our King and Queen through India: The Royal Review of 50,000 Troops (1912)
With Our King and Queen through India: The Pageant Procession (1912) Britain Prepared (1915)
Lake Garda, Italy (1910)

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