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Saturday Night Fever

This 1977 restored classic centres around John Travolta playing Tony Manero – the role that made him a superstar.


Dir John Badham
Prod Robert Stigwood, Kevin McCormick, Milt Felsen
Scr Norman Wexler, Nik Cohn
With John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller
UK Distribution Park Circus Limited

John Travolta, so mesmerising on the disco dance floor in that era-defining white suit, coupled with the film’s classic Bee Gees soundtrack, makes this a must-see. John Badham’s film centres around Tony Manero (Travolta), an angry teenage Italian-American Brooklynite who spends his evenings dancing at a local nightclub (feeling it is his only chance to succeed is as the king of the disco). He attends with his arrogant would-be girlfriend and dance partner Stephanie. Also there is his unrequited love interest Annette, along with their various friends and acquaintances. But the film has a darker side. The club helps Manero forget the reality of his depressingly bleak life, littered with racism and violence. Very much of its time, it has nevertheless proven to be an influential film. Screening here in a marginally longer director’s cut, the film captures the vibe, rhythm and atmosphere of the time and Travolta’s star at its brightest.

Julie Pearce

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Restored in 4K by Paramount Pictures

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