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The Loves of Pharaoh

Das Weib des Pharao

Lubitsch's “lost” silent epic, brilliantly restored by the German Federal Archive, with a towering performance by the great Emil Jannings.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start of the film at the box office at each venue.

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  • Director-Producer Ernst Lubitsch
  • Screenwriter Norbert Falk, Hanns Kräly
  • With Emil Jannings, Dagny Servaes, Harry Liedtke
  • Germany 1922
  • 100 mins

Restoration ALPHA-OMEGA Digital GmbH.

Rescued from surviving remnants in Russia and Italy, this lost epic by Ernst Lubitsch has been painstakingly restored by the Bundesarchiv (Berlin), the Munich Film Museum, and George Eastman House (USA), complete with its original orchestral score by Eduard Künneke. With a fashionable quasi-Biblical theme, monumental sets, thousands of extras and an imposing central performance by the great German screen actor Emil Jannings, the film was Lubitsch’s last major production in Germany and his ticket to Hollywood. Jannings plays the eponymous King of Egypt, Amenes, beset by Ethiopian invaders, but smitten by beautiful Greek slave girl Theonis, herself in love with a young egyptian, Ramphis. Happiness breaks out when Ramphis saves Egypt from the Ethiopians and Amenes dies in battle. Or does he...? With missing scenes seamlessly conveyed by stills and captions, this revival of a Lubitsch film unseen in over 80 years represents a triumph of archival dedication.
Clyde Jeavons

Ernst Lubitsch filmography

1915 Aufs Eis geführt; Zucker und Zimt; Fraülein Seifenschaum; Sein einziger Patient [s]; Der Kraftmeier; Der letzte Anzug; Blindekuh
1916 Als ich tot war [s]; Schuhpalast Pinkus; Der gemischten Frauenchor; Das schönste Geschenk; Der GmbH Tenor; Die neue Nase; Käsekönig Holländer
1917 Der Blusenkönig [s]; Ossi’s Tagebuch; Wenn vier dasselbe tun; Das fidele Gefängnis; Prinz Sami
1918 Der Rodelkavalier; Das Mädel vom Ballett Ich möchte kein Mann sein; Der Fall Rosentopf; Die Augen der Mumie Ma; Carmen; Meyer aus Berlin
1919 Meine Frau, die Filmschauspielerin; Die Austernprinzessin; Rausch; Madame Dubarry; Die Puppe
1920 Kohlhiesels Töchter; Romeo und Julia im Schnee; Sumurun; Anna Boleyn
1921 Die Bergkatze; Das Weib des Pharao (The Loves of Pharaoh)
1922 Die Flamme
1923 Rosita; The Marriage Circle
1924 Three Women; Forbidden Paradise
1925 Kiss Me Again; Lady Windermere’s Fan
1926 So This Is Paris
1927 The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg
1928 The Patriot
1929 Eternal Love; The Love Parade
1930 Paramount on Parade [co-d]; Monte Carlo
1931 The Smiling Lieutenant
1932 Broken Lullaby; One Hour With You; Trouble in Paradise; If I Had a Million [ep The Clerk only]
1933 Design for Living
1934 The Merry Widow
1937 Angel
1938 Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife
1939 Ninotchka
1940 The Shop Around the Corner
1941 That Uncertain Feeling
1942 To Be or Not To Be
1943 Heaven Can Wait
1946 Cluny Brown
1948 That Lady in Ermine [finished by Otto Preminger]

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