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Tensions and rivalries on the set of a Fassbinder remake fuel sharp observations on truth and performance in Nicolas Wackerbarth’s probing drama.


Dir Nicolas Wackerbarth
Prod Franziska Specht
Scr Nicolas Wackerbarth, Hannes Held
With Andreas Lust, Judith Engel, Ursina Lardi
Sales The Match Factory

Brilliantly observed and breathtakingly performed, Casting takes a fearless look at the interplay of human relationships and power games within the TV and film industry. Only few days before filming commences on a TV adaptation of RW Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, the lead role has yet to be cast, with auditions continuing at a furious pace. Though the producer and crew become increasingly anxious, director Vera remains unwilling to compromise while Gerwin, a line reader, is hopeful of finding a role in the production. As for the actors, channelling the themes of Fassbinder’s film, they start exploiting their powers. The film’s outstanding performances, refined through hours of improvisation, help director Nicolas Wackerbarth create a captivating exploration of the fine line between reality and fiction. Revealing much about the hierarchies that dominate film and TV production, Casting also works as a more universal story about power, ego and the desire to be recognised.

Juliane Grieb

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