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In Limbo

These stories highlight situations where life may be on hold for any number of reasons.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start at the box office at each venue.

In Limbo



  • Director Jakub Šmíd
  • Czech Republic 2011
  • 23 mins

Wendy finds herself spending the summer holidays in an abandoned holiday resort, where her grandmother is the caretaker. She hooks up with a local gang, drinking and killing time in the empty pool.

The Outback Motel

  • Director Laura Smith
  • Australia-UK 2012
  • 10 mins

A young drifter finds a mysterious connection within the deserted landscape of the Australian outback.


  • Director Geoff Bellhouse
  • UK 2012
  • 12 mins

Jaco has to make space so his family around him can breathe.

Bad Gones

  • Director Stéphane Demoustier
  • France 2011
  • 13 mins

Nine-year-old Matteo dreams of seeing a soccer game with his favourite team. But on arriving at the stadium, the ticket prices are out of his father’s league.


  • Director Cathy Brady
  • UK 2012
  • 20 mins

A distraught woman doesn’t want to be disturbed, but the front doorbell keeps ringing and the caller won’t leave until she answers.


  • Director David Aronowitsch
  • Sweden 2012
  • 29 mins

Daoud is a ‘dublin’ case. As a refugee from civil war, he has no influence over his future. He is in the hands of a quiet and oppressive system controlling his life.

Total running time 107 mins

Philip Ilson

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