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The Day My Father Became a Bush

Toen mijn vader een struik werd

A displaced girl must escape her home town when it becomes caught up in a civil war.

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Dir Nicole van Kilsdonk
Prod Eva Eisenloeffel, Fleur Winters, Leontine Petit, Joost de Vries
Scr Maureen Versprille, Nicole van Kilsdonk
With Celeste Holsheimer, Matsen Montsma, Teun Kuilboer
Prod Co Lemming Film

In an unspecified country, the ‘ones’ and the ‘others’ are at war and 10-year-old Toda soon finds herself caught up in this senseless conflict. Toda has an idyllic childhood, which is often spent baking with her pastry chef father. When he is called up by the army, she goes to stay with her grandmother. But it soon becomes too dangerous for her to remain in that area and plans are made to smuggle her over the border, to where her estranged mother lives. Although the film tackles issues of displacement, becoming a refugee and the futility of conflict, The Day My Father Became a Bush explores these themes in a remarkably refreshing and upbeat way. By ensuring that the film is as humorous as it is moving, Nicole van Kilsdonk has created a compelling and relevant drama with an important universal message.

Justin Johnson

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With English subtitles. Suitable for ages 8+. Subtitled in English. An actor will read out the subtitles via headphones for younger audiences.

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  • Nicole van Kilsdonk, Director

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