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Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer

This quirky, upbeat fantasy adventure is based on the bestseller by the author of The Neverending Story.

Dir Dennis Gansel
Prod Christian Becker
Scr Dirk Ahner, Sebastian Niemann, Andrew Birkin
With Solomon Gordon, Henning Baum, Uwe Ochsenknecht
Sales Timeless Films

On the small island of Morrowland, where a group of unusual people live, an unexpected package arrives by post for Mrs Grindtooth. It contains a baby, whom the community adopt and name Jim. As he grows up, Jim becomes aware that his skin colour is different from the other islanders and becomes increasingly keen to discover more about his heritage. Eventually, he and engine driver Luke embark on an epic journey that takes them to an underground kingdom named Sorrowland and an encounter with the talkative half-dragon, half-hippo Nepomuk. Jim Button’s offbeat charm is guaranteed to keep the audience entertained and enthralled, which is hardly surprising considering it came from the pen of Michael Ende, author of the classic The Neverending Story.

Justin Johnson

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Suitable for ages 6+.

Subtitled in English. An actor will read out the subtitles via headphones for younger audiences.

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