• Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Colectivo Los Ingrávidos

  • Mexico 2021. 16min

A shamanic composition that manifests in the world as the flowing cosmic blood in which all beings are immersed.

This film contains flashing images.

International Dawn Chorus Day

  • Director-Screenwriter

    John Greyson

  • Producers

    Shant Joshi, John Greyson

  • Canada 2021. 15min

Birds of the world sing together on a video call to mourn the deaths of Egyptian satirist Shady Habash and queer activist Sarah Hegazi.

Disturbed Earth

  • Director

    Didem Pekün

  • Producers

    Didem Pekün, Cigdem Mater, Marie Thalia Carras

  • Screenwriters

    Barış Uygur, Deniz Arslan

  • Germany-Turkey-Greece-UK 2021. 29min

The genocide at Srebrenica unfolds under the guardianship of the UN, as the world’s leading diplomats and military experts are unwilling to intervene.


  • Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Welket Bungué

  • Portugal-Guinea Bissau-Germany 2020. 27min

A dreamlike territory of imagery sensations in music, painting, poetry, and dance – inspired by the people of the Bijagó archipelago in Guinea-Bissau – speak of revolution.

The Gift

  • Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Jasmina Cibic

  • UK-France-Austria 2021. 27min

Based on examples of cultural production in times of ideological crisis and employing allegory and architecture, here is a competition for a gift that could heal a divided nation.

Programmed by Helen de Witt