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Crack open the chocolate syrup, Mrs Bates is coming to stay.


Dir-Scr Alexandre O. Philippe
Prod Kerry Deignan Roy
UK Distribution Dogwoof

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the shower, we draw back the curtain on what is possibly Hitchcock’s most infamous set piece. A third of the way into his celebrated horror masterpiece Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock shocked an entire generation by killing off his heroine in brutal, unprecedented fashion. With his notorious shower scene (which comprised 78 setups and 52 cuts), film history was made and the face of cinema was changed forever. With his absorbing, exhaustive documentary, Alexandre O. Philippe delves deep into two of the most talked about minutes ever committed to celluloid, unpacking just what makes the sequence so endlessly compelling and so exquisitely terrifying. Featuring a host of familiar faces, including Guillermo del Toro, Bret Easton Ellis, Karyn Kusama, Eli Roth and Jamie Lee Curtis, this fascinating slice of film-geekery offers a penetrating look at one of cinema’s most unforgettable moments.

Michael Blyth

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