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My Amityville Horror

Documentary about Daniel Lutz, who was 10 years old when his parents went public on the alleged haunting of their family home.

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My Amityville Horror

  • Director Eric Walter
  • Producer Andrea Adams, John Blythe, Eric Walter
  • USA 2012
  • 88 mins
  • Production company Lost Witness Pictures

In January 1976, after just 28 days in their new home, the Lutz family fled the infamous 112 Ocean Drive, claiming to have endured an onslaught of poltergeist activity. The story of perhaps the most famous haunting in history is a familiar one to most, attracting a media frenzy at the time, and later spawning a runaway bestseller and horror film franchise. Focusing purely on Daniel Lutz, eldest son of George and Kathleen, who was 10 years old when his parents went public on the alleged haunting, this documentary offers what might be the most compelling insight yet into what really took place. With the purported facts of the case already so well documented, director Eric Walter does not need to relay every supposedly supernatural occurrence, instead digging deep to uncover a sad and strange tale of family dysfunction, exposing the very real horrors that lived much closer to home.
Michael Blyth

Director statement

The real Amityville Horror isn’t just what has happened in the past, but how it has continued to manifest itself in the present. I feel the real story here is the one that has never been told. It’s that grey area. It’s a story about the dynamics within the Lutz family at the time. No one can confirm or deny their veracity. But, there’s no question these events, hoax or not, had an enormous impact on each member of the Lutz family – particularly the children. In August of 2009, I was introduced to Daniel Lutz and subsequently conducted over ten hours of audio interviews with him. For someone who has remained until now virtually non-existent in the public eye, I was surprised that he spoke so openly to me about his memories of the house, his family and his views on being labelled ‘the Amityville kid’. With these exclusive recordings came the creation of this film. I am someone who had a passionate interest in the Amityville case prior to meeting Daniel, so hearing his personal story has been more of a discovery process for me than anything else. It has challenged my beliefs, my theories on the events and overall, dramatically enhanced my view of the Lutzes’ story. This is a portrait of a man who has been literally indoctrinated into these events – and how he copes with that indoctrination. To me, this is Daniel’s attempt to set the record straight not only for his friends and family, but also for himself.
Eric Walter

Director biography

A Maryland native (b. Salisbury, 1985), he began writing and producing original short-subject films at a very early age, developing into a writer, director and documentarian specialising in the exploration of the unexplained. In 2008, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in the film industry, and his continued research into infamous unsolved mysteries fed his desire to pursue documentary filmmaking. He has consulted on numerous investigative and paranormal-based projects for both television and radio, and is currently developing his next feature film project for 2013. My Amityville Horror is his first feature.


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