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Life and the Light that Shines through the Cracks

A series of confident poetic works where everyday life is reframed and reconsidered; its otherworldly qualities being drawn to the surface.

William Fowler

Under the Influence

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  • Director Jack Holden
  • UK 2014
  • 9 mins

The impact of larger forces upon our perception are considered as snatches of high drama and mundane conversation are manipulated to increasingly intense psychedelic effect.

Theatre of the Mundane

Theatre of the Mundane

  • Director Peter Samson
  • UK 2014
  • 28 mins

Within the film-frame people make their exits and entrances according to an unconscious choreography and every gesture has significance.

Time Present

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  • Director Alfred Guzzetti, Kurt Stallmann
  • USA 2013
  • 17 mins

The uncanny qualities of the present moment are evoked as bustling city streets slow to almost stand still and people drift by in a haze.

Room Window Sea Sky

Room Window Sea Sky

  • Director Peter Todd
  • UK 2014
  • 3 mins

The delicate, sad portrait of a lonely room and the world outside shot with just 100ft of 16mm film by an artist rooted firmly in the moment.

Endless, Nameless

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  • Director Mont Tesprateep
  • Thailand 2014
  • 23 mins

All is far from what it initially seems in this hand-processed Super 8 film, shot in the private garden of a high-ranking Thai army officer.

Total running time 68 mins

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