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Young and Alive

L’ Époque

A young and politicised generation share their beliefs and worries in this galvanizing fresco set on the streets of Paris at night.

Dir Matthieu Bareyre
Prod Valéry Du Peloux
Scr Matthieu Bareyre, Sophia Collet
Sales BAC Films

‘Where should I start?’ asks Rose at Place de la République, the centre of all protests. Since 2015, following the terrorist attacks in the French capital, there’s much to be angry and disoriented about. Young and Alive follows Rose and other young adults on their nights out, gauging their pulse, whether they’re clubbing, hanging out or protesting. They share their dreams about the future, discuss politics and social inequality, and reflect on our times. The craving for a change to the political paradigm is real and articulated with passion and intelligence. As the young people’s raw energy plunges into the kinetic blaze of the night, Matthieu Bareyre’s camera is sublime in the authenticity by which it captures them. An empowering and poetic first feature, it’s one that perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist and the mindset of a night watch in motion.

Ana David

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