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Today is a Thing of the Past

The unknown behind the familiar and the history behind the present combine to invite us on expeditions into new cinematic territories.

Programmed by Helen de Witt | Total running time 85min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Evidentiary Bodies, Dir Barbara Hammer

    Evidentiary Bodies

  • Image from 3 Dreams of Horses, Dir Mike Hoolboom

    3 Dreams of Horses

  • Image from Richland Blue, Dir Kevin Jerome Everson

    Richland Blue

  • Image from Goddess, Dir Kevin Jerome Everson


  • Image from Starts Wednesday, Dir David Leister

    Starts Wednesday

  • Image from Flame, Dir Sami van Ingen


  • Image from Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape, Dir Mark Jenkin

    Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape

  • Image from Together, Dir Peter Todd


  • Image from Between Relating and Use, Dir Nazlı Dinçel

    Between Relating and Use

  • Image from The Exile, Dir Rajee Samarasinghe

    The Exile

  • Image from Trees Down Here, Dir Ben Rivers

    Trees Down Here

  • Image from Ride, Dir Paul Bush


Film 1

Evidentiary Bodies

The dance of a life through film that flows across triple screens.

Dir Barbara Hammer. USA 2018. 10min

Film 2

3 Dreams of Horses

The horse invites consideration as symbol, object and free spirit.

Dir Mike Hoolboom. Canada 2018. 5min

Film 3

Richland Blue

A corrupt Police Dept produced several films. This is what they could have been like.

Dir Kevin Jerome Everson. USA 2018. 4min

Film 4


Inspired by a stag film by American photographer Garry Winogrand and corrupt police.

Dir Kevin Jerome Everson. USA 2018. 2min

Film 5

Starts Wednesday

A film is announced but never arrives as the passing days push against the frame.

Dir David Leister. UK 2018. 2min

Film 6



The last surviving frames of a Finnish nitrate film create a fragmented melodrama.

Dir Sami van Ingen. Finland 2018. 15min

Film 7

Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape

A walk through England’s south coast evokes the artists who lived and worked there.

Dir Mark Jenkin. UK 2018. 5min

Film 8


Objects on an English garden table is a filmic experiment and an evocation of tea-time.

Dir Peter Todd. UK 2018. 3min

Film 9

Between Relating and Use

D W Winnicott and Laura Marks words put on film provide a path to ethical explorations.

Dir Nazlı Dinçel. Argentina-USA 2018. 9min

Film 10

The Exile


The film serves as a metaphor for the reconstruction of Sri Lanka following the civil war.

Dir Rajee Samarasinghe. Sri Lanka-USA 2018. 8min

Film 11

Trees Down Here

Architectural plans re-examined to explore the differences between representation and reality.

Dir Ben Rivers. UK 2018. 13min

Film 12


Quick cutting provides the speed in this tribute to two wheeled transport.

Dir Paul Bush. Portugal-UK 2018. 6min

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