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Animation Panorama

A selection of international festival picks.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start at the box office at each venue.

Animation Panorama

The Day I Killed My Best Friend

  • Director Antonio Jesús Busto Algarin
  • UK-Spain 2012
  • 6 mins

One day, during her hated bath-time, Regla, nine, and her indulgent imaginary friend must confront the sudden arrival of her first period.

Body Memory

Keha mälu

  • Director Ülo Pikkov
  • Estonia 2011
  • 9 mins

Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine: sustaining the stories of our predecessors. But how far back is it possible to go?


  • Director Ivan Bogdanov, Asparuh Petrov, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin, Moritz Mayerhofer, Veljko Popović
  • Bulgaria-Croatia-Germany 2012
  • 17 mins

Animated documentary based on five true stories: five father and child relationships and the dialogues between them that never take place.

Brave New Old

  • Director Adam Wells
  • UK 2012
  • 10 mins

About a someone’s life, all within the totally normal environment of an imaginary rotating cube.


  • Director Izabela Plucínska
  • Poland-Germany 2012
  • 3 mins

More innovation with plasticene from a filmmaker who uses minimal means to maximum effect in her quiet observations of human behaviour and emotion.

The Missing Key

  • Director Jonathan Nix
  • Australia 2011
  • 30 mins

Early 1920s Venice. Young musician Hero Wasabi – and his oboe-playing cat Jacuzzi – are competing against the unscrupulous Count Telefino in a prestigious composing competition.



  • Director Sjaak Rood
  • Netherlands 2012
  • 6 mins

A waiter in a café seems to have strange ideas of customer service.

Here and the Great Elsewhere

Le grand ailleurs et le petit ici

  • Director Michèle Lemieux
  • Canada 2012
  • 14 mins

This philosophical tale uses the Alexeïeff-Parker pinscreen as a metaphor for the particles that make up the universe.

Total running time 95 mins

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