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A lyrical portrait of indigenous habitats and species, as well as human interactions with the sea, in and around a coastal town in northwest Scotland.

Dir-Prod-Scr Margaret Salmon
With Nuala MacDonald, Lisa MacDonald, Angus MacPherson
Prod Co Housework Films

This beautiful film shot on 35mm captures the ebb and flow of daily life in a small Scottish coastal town. Opening with a lyrical portrait of human activity, the film then shifts gear, travelling underwater to capture an aquatic world living side-by-side with the town, in a style reminiscent of Jean Painlevé’s nature films.

Benjamin Cook

+ Jatiwangi

Dir George Clark. UK-Indonesia 2018. 25min

A playful collaborative portrait of the village arts community of Jatiwangi in West Java and structured around a series of 35mm film rolls, each played alongside a single unedited field recording.

+ Tåke

Dir Inger Lise Hansen. Norway 2018. 15min

A landscape film capturing mysterious natural and man-made fog-obscured scenes in Beijing, Azores and Newfoundland.

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Total running time 80min

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